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Snowman Clip(Buy 2 Free Shipping)

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Easily make cute snowman.

Makes perfectly round snowball in roughly one second. Easy to use for kids, just Scoop! Shape! Throw! The process likes making ice cream balls, easy and fun.


  • QUICK AND EASY- The snowman clip mold helps to easily create a perfectly snowman in just seconds! Simply scoop up the snow, press down the handle to compact the collected snow, and you are ready for a snowman showdown.

  • FUN FOR EVERYONE- This toy is great for kids and helps to encourage outdoor play even in the wintertime. More than just for kids, however, this snowman maker is great for people and families of all ages for snowball fights or a fun day in the snow.

  • LONG HANDLE- The long handle is comfortable to grab when making the perfect snowman. The handle also helps to keep your hands from getting cold and wet while forming your arsenal of snowmans.

  • USE YEAR ROUND - More than just for winter fun, this tool can be used year-round! It can additionally be used with wet sand for sandcastles, mud, or even for DIY bath bombs.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 37 X 11.5 X 10cm/14.57 X 4.53 X 3.94"
  • Color: Random

Package includes:

  • 1*Snowman Clip